Bellyyo Has A New Look!

Bellyyo’s New Look

The Premium luxury yoghurt, Bellyyo, from the Bellytastes Food and Culinary Services Company has taken on a new look!

No doubt, in all aspects, the outlook of a product can greatly influence how a product is bought and treated, regardless of its quality. To match the premium quality and value that the Bellyyo yoghurt gives, it has taken on a new label that is sure to fascinate you at first glance. This label is simple, aesthetic, and comes in colours as suited to the flavour it represents.

Our new label, simple and aesthetic, houses all the important information you need about the yoghurt. From the flavour and ingredients to the date of production and readable barcode. It is the same luxury yoghurt that promises thickness, richness and creaminess, but with a better label! The new look will have you grabbing a bottle of bellyyo without second thoughts off the shelves of supermarkets and ordering off our online stores!

Enjoy these photos of the new Bellyyo!

All Bellyyo Flavours
Bellyyo 35cl; Vanilla Flavour
Bellyyo 50cl; Vanilla & Plain Flavours
Bellyyo Plain; 50cl & 35cl
Bellyyo Vanilla Flavour; 50cl & 35cl
Bellyyo Strawberry Flavour; 35cl

What are you waiting for? Get your own pack of the new Bellyyo when you order here on our website or go to the nearest supermarket to enjoy this premium luxury yoghurt!

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