What Do You Do WIth Too Much Yoghurt?

Photo Credit: New York Times

Most of us have a penchant for buying too much of a commodity we deem enjoyable and affordable. And the problem with buying too much of a thing is not knowing what to do with it after we’ve had our fill. This can be the case for your favourite yoghurt, but fear not, you do not have to throw or give anything away as there are amazing ways to put your excess yoghurt to good use. We’ve seen chefs all over the world use yoghurt in everything from sandwiches to pancakes, dermatologists using yoghurt as a face mask for the variety of benefits it adds to the skin and many other improvised applications of yoghurt across different fields.

These applications have bred a number of uses for yoghurt other than drinking and here is a list of things you can do with excess yoghurt.

Use It On Your Face and Hair

Yoghurt has been used as a cosmetic since the medieval ages and has gone through refining and modifying over the years that skincare brands now infuse yoghurt into their products. Applying yoghurt on your face routinely will help fight acne, remove blemishes and pigmentation, reduce dark circles, treat skin infections, reduce sunburn and also help moisturize your skin. Additionally, yoghurt, when mixed with the right ingredients and applied to hair, gives benefits that include hair conditioning, hair fall reduction, and dandruff treatment.

Make Cocktails

Although this still involves drinking the yoghurt, it is worth the try as yoghurt cocktails are totally a thing of tradition in bars all over the world. Your fun times just got better and healthier with yoghurt and your favourite liquor.

Make A Yoghurt Sauce

Yes, there is such thing as yoghurt sauce and it’s a combination of your favourite yoghurt, spices, herbs, fruits and anything else you want in it. Yoghurt sauce is common in the middle eastern region and is worth a try if you’re one to try something new.

Use It As A Salad Dressing

There is a grilled radicchio salad with yoghurt and hazelnuts that you could experiment with, and from reviews, this recipe makes yoghurt an excellent ingredient for salad dressings.

Use It In Place Of Butter For Your Cake

Yoghurt has been found to be an excellent substitute for butter when baking. It gives the same moistness to your baked foods and with less fat. It’s perfect in recipes for pound cakes like Cast Iron Plum Cake and many other yoghurt cakes.

Substitute For Spread

Unsurprisingly, you can also use yoghurt as a substitute for your bread and sandwiches spread from butter to mayonnaise.

Fancy Chips and Dips?

With its thickness and tanginess, yoghurt is the foundation for dips, plus it’s much healthier. Grab a pack of chips and a bowl of yoghurt, and your chips and dips will finish faster.

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